3 gheschooling gifted students.

Home schooling may be the best option for gifted children, as parents can adapt their education to meet their learning needs, skills and rates, but also pose a number of challenges for children and for parents. Sometimes, parents are unable to establish a suitable curriculum for them.

Create the appropriate curriculum.

In addition, thought should be given to supplementing work, for example, in the nearest college or participation in joint or local training groups. If you select additional classes for your child, be aware that you can choose from non-credit options if your child is not ready to take credit courses ..

For small children, good options can include viewing scientific and technical videos on Netflix or YouTube, carrying out basic scientific experiments, art and crafts ..

Gifted children need additional challenges and opportunities to learn outside the "class" and to explore the world around them. gifted children often have talents and interests that do not fit into the curriculum. Let them develop their talents and pursue their interests through apprenticesy, independent research and entrepreneurship. Let your children discover their passions and abilities and help them achieve their goals. It's part of your work as a parent ...

You can also enrich their research by adding a wide range of subjects. You can think about adding items such as electrical engineering, computer programming, mechanical engineering, theory of music, robotics, creative writing. A good idea is to encourage your children to write poems, stories, tales, plays or even an novel ..

You can also think about adding foreign languages that are very important in our globalized world. The study of foreign languages provides a wealth of benefits for personal development, and young children are generally easier and faster to learn new languages than most adults. If you don't know any foreign language, why not know him with your child? Modern technologies offer a great opportunity to learn languages ..

There is a large number of language learning programs, such as Duolingo, and there are online tutoring services where your child can have lessons with native speakers. For example, your child might occupy.

Follow the process.

Gifted children prefer to study at their own pace and can engage in self-directed learning, but you must work with them to control their progress. You can keep a diary or diary to record your child's plans and keep a record of the main achievements. It is worth noting the things your child understands well and things that need to be reviewed. This helps you to install a work routine, taking into account which objects your child is learning more quickly. It is better to note the progress of your child at the end of each lesson ...

Gifted children tend to learn faster than their peers and keep the material better. But they tend to be bored with repetition and can be disappointed because they have to learn more complex material. Fortunately, they can learn in conditions of disappointment. You need to keep a close eye on your child in order to recognize the limits and not to overburden their educational tasks. When you notice that your child is tired or struggling with the task, take a break or change items. You can go back to the topic later ...

You, as a parent, know your child better than anyone, and you know what your kid is capable of. You have to adjust to your learning style. You need to think about an individualized lesson if you want to get the most part of the school. You can start formal education and use more advanced training, even if your child is at an age where most parents believe that the most appropriate method of learning is through the game. Don't pay attention to what other people tell you and do what you think is right for your child. Make your home a joyful and exciting place and do everything to encourage your child's creativity