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Q: Is Anna Collomore your real name?

A: No, it is not.

Q: Can you tell us your real name?

A: I would prefer not to at the moment, but with very little google-stalking, you are sure to stumble across it. 

Q: Well what about this other name, this “Collomore”? Where’d it come from?

A: I needed a pen name and came up with something that turned out to be too close to the name of a notorious adult film persona. I couldn’t use that for obvious reasons, so I dug into the family tree and found a great-great relative (grandmother? aunt? who knows) named Minnie Collomore. Anna is a slight derivation of my real first name. I like ‘Collomore’ because it sounds vaguely gothic. 

Q: What is your favorite late-night munchie?

A: Lasagna, but anything salty will do. The other day I ate chicken liver and it was delicious.

Q: That is a really good-looking dog you have. What kind is he?

A: Mochi is an English Cocker Spaniel, not to be confused with the more commonly known American Cocker Spaniel. Floyd, my childhood dog, was the latter. He was shorter and had a more squashed nose. Incidentally, the Duchess of Cambridge is also the proud owner of an English Cocker Spaniel. (I got mine first.)

Q: Can you make me a friendship bracelet?

A: Sure! I’m really good at that. Send me your address.

Q: Are these real questions from real readers?

A: These are real questions that people who can read have asked me at one time or another. Is that what you mean?

Q: When are you going to post real questions from real readers? And will you really mail me a friendship bracelet?

A: I’m hoping that when my book comes out I’ll have “frequent” questions from readers. If I do (*fingers crossed*), I will post them right away. So maybe around February, 2013? About the friendship bracelet: I changed my mind—I just can’t see myself doing this, to be honest. But I’ll happily send a Paris-themed bookplate, postcard, or other fun paper product upon request!