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Here’s Isabel’s story about a time someone drove her crazy—and let me just say that it’s definitely Ruining-level nutso. (Is it too late to add a supplementary chapter?!)

“Well, once upon a time there was a happy girl (me) and her best friend. They had been BF forever. But one day they argued about which TV series they were gonna watch. The happy girl loved Vampire Diaries and her best friend loved House. Since the happy girl was an eager House fan as well, she said that they could watch House. (That was a biiiig mistake.) The best friend got so angry that she threw her (glass) bowl against the wall. And then suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was the pizza man, yay. I had ordered a pepperoni pizza about 30 minutes before. 

I paid for the pizza while my BF picked up all the bits of the bowl and chips. 
Then she freaked out on me because she was suddenly a vegetarian (I asked when this happend. She said 10 minutes ago…) She dropped the pieces from the bowl and hurried home. But she stole my pizza in the process…. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me.”